These new paintings from Jennifer Guidi come from a body of work called Painted Universe Mandalas, in which Guidi covers the raw linen canvas with an even coat of sand. The trowel used for application leaves behind lines that form an initial layer of repeated pattern and texture. The second layer is a painted ground of thin oil washes and line drawings. In these new works, Guidi approaches the grounds in a new way, thinking of each as its own impressionistic landscape painting, drawing from the work of Claude Monet and Pierre Bonnard. The final step in the process is painting the marks of the mandala, unifying the layers, and activating the colors to create the optical vibration felt when one stands in front of the works.

Shot on Dolly and track with Slider

Jennifer Guidi // Infinite Waves

Cameraman / Videographer: Matt Glen

Editor and Colourist: Miriam Perez